ODESSA, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — Each month teachers are nominated for our Teacher of the Month Award, four are chosen every month: one of them is surprised in person.

All four of the teachers are given a $250 gift card sponsored by Pioneer.
They’re also given a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and flowers from Market Street.

“I’m shocked, I was shocked.”

Ms. Ingred Del Castillo came from the Headstart program with ECISD. This is her first year as a full time teacher. She says she absolutely loves teaching. Ms. Del Castillo was nominated by one of her students’ parents.

“Good. I feel good because I mean, I’m trying very hard. I mean, that transition is hard. You know, learning the curriculum, everything, and especially with the kids, you know, it’s different. So, I mean, yeah, they’re noticing my job. So I like that,” said Del Castillo.

Raquel Rodriguez is the Principal at Ross Elementary. She says having this kind of feedback from students’ parents is wonderful.

“So for a first year teacher, it’s very encouraging and motivating to know that parents are on the same team as you and to know that you have that support from your parent. And so I’m very thankful that she’s been given this recognition because she deserves it, that it really helps for her to get through that first year hump, to have that support from her parents,” said Rodriguez.

Ms. Del Castillo says teaching Kindergarten is different than other grade levels.

“Their personalities. They’re learning and the way the they all have different ideas or you know and they’re still in that fun age, I have the little ones and I notice that they’re more independent, but they’re still really fun.” said Del Castillo.

Principal Rodriguez reiterates what an asset Ms. Del Castillo is to the Ross team.

“So she brings that background experience of dealing with the students that come from being three years old and four years old. And so she knows the natural progression of what she needs to supply them to be successful at that five year old age. And so that she’s really good with helping them fill gaps, especially students who didn’t have the opportunity to have a preschool experience,” said Rodriguez.