Assault victim shares her story to help others


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- Shaylyn Ulibarri, 20, and her boyfriend Samuel Maestas, 24, came from New Mexico to Odessa for what she thought would be a ‘romantic getaway weekend.’

Ulibarri said she does not remember how she passed out.

“I just remember waking up and him charging at me and then he choked me and I remember feeling my eyes roll back.”

Ulibarri said while Maestas choked her all she could think about before losing consciousness was her four-month-old son.

“I just remember screaming for my son, and he stopped and looked at me, and then he continued again.”

Soon after, Ulibarri could not move her body but could hear Maestas panic because he thought she was dead.

“I remember hearing him say he was going to call 911 but, then he said, “I can’t do that, I can’t get myself in trouble.” “

Unfortunately, for Ulibarri, this was not the first time Maestas put his hands on her.

“We would grab me by my hair and drag me across the apartment. He would choke me but not like he did that night. He would slap me, punched me, I have a scar on my lip, He would push me around, he would step on my feet so I was not able to walk,” Ulibarri said.

Now Ulibarri realizes her relationship was toxic and abusive.

“Yea he changes here and there, things get better for a couple of days, a couple of months and then it goes back to the same and that’s not how it’s supposed to be,” Ulibarri said.

Ulibarri said what happened has taken a big toll on her physically and emotionally but, plans to continue to stay strong for herself and her son.

“It hurts and it’s going to take a while but eventually anyone in my situation if they leave they will be able to find happiness and joy away from that person,” Ulibarri said.

It’s important for Ulibarri to share her story so that others know there is a way out from an abusive relationship.

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