Aspiring young journalists get firsthand experience


Aspiring journalists are getting a sneak peak at what it is like to work in the television news industry. Students at Bowie Middle School in Odessa have started up their very own newsroom, in partnership with Basin PBS.

Communities in Schools’ Program Coordinator, Sylvia Gonzalez, used to be a reporter herself. Now she works closely with the program to help guide the students in the right direction. 

“The Creative Director over at Basin PBS said ‘Hey, how would you like to start something there at Bowie?’ And I pitched the idea to some of the students, and they liked it,” said Gonzalez.

She says the number of students involved with the club has doubled just within the last month.

Basin PBS’ Creative Director, Alyson Trevino, says she hopes the program, “…give them a little direction. If nothing else, it may help them all focus a little bit on what their potential is.”

Some students have joined to get a taste of stardom. “People come up to me and be like, ‘Are you the girl from the news?’ And I’m like ‘Yes’,” said Reporter, Adalynn Ramirez. And others join for the chance to be a part of a team. “I love my team and I love everybody that’s working with me and everything,” said Producer, Angel Lujen.

But regardless of individual reasons, they all meet at Bowie Middle School every Tuesday after school to explore what they love and to show off their talents.

“I’ve always wanted to like be in front of a camera somehow. I’ve always wanted to be an actor,” stated Ramirez.

“Having a camera in my hand will be forever in my life,” said Camera Operator, Brianna Ortiz. “Because when I grow up, I want to be a photographer.”

Both Producer, Angel Lujen, and Assistant Producer, Rawniee Molina, are hoping for a dynamic and successful future of the team.

“Videos and ideas that we bring up, we’ll make the videos as professional as possible,” explained Lujen, “but with our ideas and creativity with it.”

“It’s like encouraged me a lot to go further with grades and all that so I can get a bigger career,” said Molina.

Only the best stories will get a chance to air on Basin PBS.

“We’re all really excited and can’t wait to see what the kids produce,” stated Trevino.

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