As potential shutdowns loom, Midland Mayor says, “only if necessary”


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – The number of coronavirus cases continues to grow across the U.S. 18 states have intervened; either shutting down businesses like restaurants or bars, limiting social gatherings to a specific number of people and implementing curfews.

Potential shutdowns loom over the Basin. However, Midland Mayor Patrick Payton assures us that they will come, but only if necessary.

All the things are in placed planning for the worst, but we are hoping for the best so we don’t have to do those things. We’ve gone as far as we think we need to go in order to protect our population. We are not going to have to go to those extremes just yet.

Patrick Payton, Midland Mayor

But Payton admits there are plans in place in case there is a need to go to those extremes. Payton also says Midland wants to do a little as possible to disrupt business if they don’t have to.

We’ll be as minimal as we have to be becasue we really don’t want to do this to the small business community in our city.

Patrick Payton, Midland Mayor

Payton says there are ways he is allowed to intervene to create the statues that would require things like a shutdown, but says would only do so if under the order by the administration.

What we would ahve to do is to decide what level of crowds we want to restrict but again that goes to what the federal government is asking us to do. Even if we do what teh CDc is asking us to do – which are even lower numbers, then you’ll see us fllatten the curve that everyone is talking about.

Patrick Payton, Midland Mayor

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