Apartment fire investigation, cause still unknown


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – An apartment fire over the weekend has displaced many of the people who live there with some temporarily staying at hotels.

Odessa Fire Rescue first responded to a fire in Building A at Ashford Odessa Square Apartments on Saturday night around 7:30 P.M.

Fortunately– they were able to get the fire contained, and no one was hurt, but many of the people who live here are left picking up the pieces now.

Out of the twelve units in the apartment building, four have fire damage, while the rest are unlivable because there’s no electricity.

The complex says their main goal is to communicate with the people that live there– and get those displaced by the fire into new apartments as soon as possible.

“Make sure there’s an open phone line for residents if they need to reach out to us,” said Ashford Square Community Manager Rebecca Hoffman.

“Communication is the key.”

The apartment complex says it has earned a bit of a negative reputation when it comes to fires, after one back in May 2020 caused a building to remain vacant, even to this day.

However, those affected by this fire feel that their issues are being taken seriously– saying the complex has put them in hotels, and they’ve gotten help from the Red Cross too.

Lisa Katablan has been displaced twice from fires at the complex but credits a big part of her faith to management, especially after last year’s fire.

“They found apartments for me and my family to go and move into and it was right away so I wasn’t displaced from my home or my family setting for a very long time,” said Katablan.

“They were quick to provide a roof over me and my children’s’ heads. And that’s a big thing for me.”

Aima Gibson, who lived right above the apartment where the fire started wasn’t around Saturday night or Sunday when those that were displaced, received help.

As a result, she spent Sunday night at a 24-hour restaurant.

On Monday she says, she’s been pleased with the help from the complex but for now just wants a place to sleep.

“I’ve been stressed now since the day this happened,” said Gibson.

“I just want to lay my head down and recover everything I lost.”

The cause of the fire is still undetermined. The Fire Marshall’s division of Odessa Fire Rescue is investigating.

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