ANDREWS, Texas (Nexstar) – People from across the state of Texas, came out to Andrews High School today to show their support for the Mighty Mustang Band after a bus crash happened two weeks ago that killed 3 people and hurt several others.

The Mayor of Andrews, Flora Braly was in attendance at the food plate sale and she shared that Andrews is like one big family, that when tragedy hits they stand together as one.

“In Andrews, we are together, especially when one hurts we all hurt, we all come together all entities whether it be the school, the hospital, the county, the city,” says Mayor Braly.

Hundreds of people came out for a food plate fundraiser for the Andrews high school band, including State Representative Brooks Landgraf.

“Andrews is a very resilient place and even though our hearts are broken right now this community is going to emerge even stronger than it’s ever been,” says Rep. Landgraf.

Several band members of the mighty mustang booster club were also there, they say what happened is still hard to wrap their heads around.

“As a brother to a sister that was in bus one, it was very hard for me to understand that I couldn’t go and help my sister out when she was stuck in the bus,” says band member, Bramhan Matschek

More than three thousand plates were sold in honor of the Andrews High School Mighty Mustang Band And several people who live in Andrews say the support is overwhelming.

“Seeing all these people come and support the band really touches my heart,” says Alicia Medlin, Mighty Mustang Band member.

On December 3rd at 7 PM various high school bands in the Permian Basin are coming out to the Andrews Christmas parade in honor of those who lost their lives in the bus crash and support the band.