MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- In November, Midland County voters living in Greenwood will see a school bond on the ballot consisting of two propositions. Here’s a closer look at each of those propositions:

Proposition A- $198,770,000

Prop A would build a new elementary school for children in Kindergarten through second grade and a new intermediate school for children in third grade through fifth grade. It would also convert the south wing of Brooks Middle School from an intermediate school to a middle school, increase capacity for the high school, and convert the elementary school to a pre-k center, as well as add career and technical labs, athletics, and space for administration. 

Proposition B- $87,000,000

Prop B would build a new student event center with a 2,000-seat gym and 2,000-seat auditorium. It would also build a new student multi-purpose facility.

New Elementary and Intermediate Schools

Located on the corner of SCR 1110 and ECR 120, utilizing a portion of property already owned by GISD. The elementary school would house children from kindergarten through second grade; the intermediate school would house students from third grade to fifth grade. There would also be a space designated for future expansion, should the need arise. 

Convert the South Wing of Brooks MS from Intermediate to Middle School

This construction would convert the intermediate wing at Brooks MS into middle school classrooms, labs, and age-appropriate restrooms.

Increase High School Capacity

Funds from Prop A would also help increase capacity at the high school by adding new rooms to the existing building and would include a new secure entry, relocate the main office, build new science labs, a new cosmetology space, new family and consumer sciences space, as well as a new library. Interior rooms would also be renovated to increase classroom capacity. Additionally, the proposition would build a larger cafeteria, add parking, and “harden” the school’s perimeter for student safety.

Convert the Elementary School

This phase of construction would renovate the East Wing of the existing elementary school and turn it into a pre-k center. The old gym would be converted into career and technical labs and the Southwest Wing would be converted into high school locker rooms. The West Wing would be converted to a DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs), and the Northeast Wing would be converted to administration buildings. 

A new student multi-purpose facility would also be built separate from campus should Prop B pass. 

Student Event Center

Proposition B would also build a 2,000-seat auditorium with dressing rooms for theater and a black box for theater rehearsals, as well as a 2,000-seat gymnasium with athletic locker rooms and office space. 

Student Multi-Purpose Facility

This facility would include an activity center, restrooms, and an indoor turf field that will also be available for community use.

Enrollment Numbers

Greenwood ISD said the bond would help accommodate a growing number of students; enrollment has risen from 1,447 during the 1993-94 school year to a record high of 3,255 this school year.

Student Safety

Additionally, the district said it would also help ensure student safety by:

  • Eliminating portable buildings
  • Hardening the high school perimeter
  • Creating secure front-entry vestibules
  • Adding intruder resistant film to door and window glass
  • Adding electronic entry access control
  • Adding additional security cameras
  • Creating enclosed hallways around the high school

Cost to Tax Payers

The district said Prop A would have a tax rate impact of 3.5 cents, Prop B would have a tax rate impact of 1.5 cents per 100,000 valuation.

For example, if your home is valued at $215,00 and you have no exemptions, such as a homestead exemption, Prop A would cost you$74.39 annually. Prop B would cost you $32.47 annually. Combined, you’d pay $106.86 annually.

You can calculate the exact tax impact to your family here.

You’ll be able to vote on these propositions and more November 7. Early voting will begin on October 23 and the last day to register to vote is October 10.