American Airlines plane catches fire in Midland


MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – Scary moments for fliers in Midland after an American Airlines plane caught fire at Midland International Airport.

The plane carrying passengers of an American Airlines flight remains parked at MAF with damage to one of it’s engines. A Midland spokesperson tell us the plane’s engine caught fire before take-off. All passengers and crew were evacuated without any injuries.

Captain Dennise Tajer, an American Airlines pilot, said they are trained for these kind of situations.

“We’re not there to fly the airplane when the day is good, we’re there when the day is bad to execute our skills and training save the aircraft and the people on it,” Tajer said.

And even with smaller airports like MAF, Tajer said all airports are prepared for situations like an engine fire.

“It wouldn’t matter at a large or a small airport because in order for us to take off from there they have to have a highly trained ready to roll rescue crew, like fire men and women out there that are specially trained for these types of situations,” he said.

The fire was put out quickly by the Midland Fire Department, but some fliers said things like this won’t stop them from flying.

“I’m going to take the flying because it’s way quicker, I mean you take risks driving everyday,” said Jalen Evans.

At this time it is not know what caused the engine fire.

Statement from American Airlines:

On May 2, American Eagle flight 5757, operated by Mesa Airlines from Midland-Odessa, Texas (MAF) to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), encountered an engine-related issue prior to departure. The 43 passengers and four crew members deplaned via the forward stairs, and no injuries were reported. We re-accommodated our passengers on other flights to DFW. Our maintenance team is reviewing the aircraft. 

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