ALPINE, Texas (Nexstar) – Alpine Fire Chief and EMS Director Michael Scudder died on Sunday evening from a cardiac emergency.

He was 61 years old. Scudder served Alpine and Brewster County for almost 50 years.

Alpine Fire Chief Andrew Pierce took over as Fire Chief after Scudder’s death.

“He will be remembered as someone who always put others before himself,” said Pierce

He was a selfless man even in his final moments.

On Sunday, Chief Scudder was on an emergency call helping a patient who was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains. He helped the patient before driving them to the hospital and advised the EMTs to take the patient into the emergency entrance.

After the EMTs helped the patient, they found Scudder in the ambulance having a cardiac emergency and he died from his injuries.

“Whether it was his employees, his firefighters, or community members and patients, he did everything he could to make sure other people were taken care of before himself,” said Pierce.

Michael Scudder joined the fire department as a Junior Fireman with his identical twin brother Mark when they were only 14 years old.

Both went on to become heads of the Alpine EMS and Fire departments.

Michael served the local community for so long that he reached a level of celebrity status in Brewster County.

“Every time we’d go out to eat together, I can’t count there’d be at least two people every time we go out they come up to him and say ‘You helped my father. You helped my daughter,” said Pierce.

“It’s great to know that people remember the work he did and through this job he’s probably seen just about everyone in Alpine and Brewster County.”

Mark Scudder died in 2019 leaving Alpine to mourn both twins in a small timeframe after being community pillars for nearly half a century.

It seems fitting that the brothers who gave most of their lives to the department may one day be honored with a special level of recognition.

“[There are] plans of possibly naming the fire station in their honor,” said Pierce.

“He [Michael] wanted to do that for Mark and I think it would be fitting since it was both of them for almost 50 years… to name it after them in their honor.”

Michael Scudder is survived by his daughter Jessica, his nephews Corey and Colby, and his grandson Michael Patterson who was named in honor of his ‘Pappy’.

There will be a memorial service for Michael Scudder on Monday at 3pm at the Alpine Fire Station with the burial following at Elm Grove Cemetery.