Editor’s Note: Baby Saul, as he is known by people in the community, is happy and healthy today living with family. He celebrated his first birthday in January. His story prompted NM Senator David Gallegos to re-introduce legislation to get baby boxes in all 33 counties in the state, in hopes of giving mothers a safe option to surrender their babies. One such box has already been installed in Hobbs since Saul’s birth.

LOVINGTON, New Mexico (KMID/KPEJ)- Alexis Avila, 19, has been found of guilty of one count of attempted first-degree murder and guilty of one count of child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

The Hobbs, New Mexico woman was arrested after throwing her newborn son away in a dumpster in January of 2022. Officers with the Hobbs Police Department were called to an alley way in the Broadmoor Shopping Center after three people who had been digging through a dumpster found the hours old boy in a trash bag, alive, and with his umbilical cord still attached but crudely cut.

Surveillance video led police to Avila’s door, and she reportedly admitted that she’d given birth at home and was worried she was too young to care for a child. 

Medical staff testified that the newborn suffered from hypothermia, severe anemia, and kidney problem, among other issues after being abandoned and left in 40 degree temperatures for more than six hours.

Avila has been on house arrest since her arraignment. In that time, she’s requested visitation with her son, identified as Saul, a request that was denied by Judge William Shoobridge. Of the request, he said, “He’ll know for a lifetime the actions that you took, that you tried to terminate his life.”

Earlier this year, she also requested a change of venue ahead of her trial, saying she could not receive a fair trial in Hobbs. That request was also denied. 

Judge Shoobridge said Avila will return to court on May 1 for sentencing. Avila faces 18 years in prison but could serve less time at the judge’s discretion. She will remain on house arrest until that day.