A 49-year-old woman has been charged with arson after she reportedly lit a co-workers apartment on fire. 

According to a probable cause affidavit, Midland Police were called to the Santa Fe Apartments, 5010 W. Loop 250, about a structure fire. 

Police spoke to the victim who said he was being harassed by a co-worker and said she was the only person who knew where he lived, according to the affidavit. 

Prior to the fire, the victim reportedly told police that the suspect, Glenda Wilson, had given him a set of silver coins that he did not want. 

Once she found out that the victim had thrown the coins away, Wilson began harassing him, according to the account given by the victim. 

After the rejected gift, the victim told police that Wilson had been harassing him and drove him off the road while he was leaving his apartment, according to the affidavit. 

The victim started to walk home and called police when Wilson reportedly drove past him yelling obscenities. 

When the victim got home, he told police he noticed the carpet inside of his apartment was on fire, according to the affidavit. 

He managed to stomp out the fire and reportedly noticed Wilson driving away in her vehicle. 

Police then located Wilson’s vehicle in the area of Briarwood and Midland Drive where she was arrested and charged with arson.