ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Javier Martinez Arias, 37, was arrested last week after a lengthy investigation; he is now facing two counts of Aggravated Kidnapping Causing Injuries, one count of Aggravated Kidnapping, and one count of Aggravated Sexual Assault. 

Originally facing only two counts in connection with the case, Arias was charged on two additional counts Monday after a victim attacked on July 11 positively identified Arias as the man who kidnapped and raped her. Now an affidavit has revealed new details about that incident. 

On July 11, investigators with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office were called to Medical Center Hospital after a woman arrived at the Emergency Room for care after she was sexually assaulted. That victim, identified as BR in the affidavit, told investigators an unknown man picked her up outside Ramada Inn and took her down an oil field road just to the south of Interstate 20. She said he parked near a pumpjack and said “dinero” while pointing to his penis. 

The woman said she told the man no and tried to run from the vehicle, but he caught her as she opened the door and pulled her into the back of the vehicle where he punched her multiple times in the face. She said the man then removed her pants and raped her. She said when he was finished, he made her clean herself up and then kicked her out of his white SUV. He then drove away and left his victim stranded.

Investigators had already taken a similar report from another victim in April and later, on July 20, another victim came forward after she was abducted and assaulted. In her case, an oilfield worker intervened and later helped lead investigators to Arias after his vehicle, matching the license plate number provided by the oil field worker, was located by police. 

Once Arias was in custody, the victim from April, as well as both victims from the July attacks, all positively identified Arias as their attacker. According to the affidavit, Arias admitted to sexually assaulting the victim identified as BR. 

Now Sheriff Mike Griffis said in an interview Monday that there may be other victims who have not yet reported their attacks. He said he hopes anyone hurt by Arias will come forward. 

“We sure think that there’s some young ladies out there that didn’t report this incident for one reason or another. And we hope that they see this on the news and will go ahead and come forward and let’s stack these charges up on this guy. Make sure he never gets out of jail.”

Arias remained jailed as of Tuesday afternoon. His bond has been set at a combined $4,000,000.