MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- On Monday, the Midland Police Department announced it had arrested a probationary officer accused of helping a wanted suspect avoid arrest. Jake Salas and his wife, Beatrice Salas, have both been charged with Hindering the Apprehension of a Known Felon. Another person, identified as Iris Parrish, is also facing the same charge. 

An arrest affidavit revealed that on April 13, Jake, while on patrol and listening to radio chatter, heard of an operation involving other officers aimed at arresting a wanted fugitive accused of evading arrest in a vehicle. That suspect was not identified by name in the affidavit, but was identified as Beatrice’s brother. Jake reportedly admitted to officers during an interview that he called his wife and told her that MPD was actively looking for her brother. 

Jake gave investigators permission to search his phone’s call history, but withdrew consent when asked if they could look at his photos. A search warrant was issued and investigators found text messages as well as Facebook messages to Beatrice and the suspect encouraging the suspect to “hide”. 

Investigators stated in the affidavit that Jake knowingly “put all officers with the Midland Police Department at risk” during the search by communicating with the suspect and advising him of their plan.

Jake, Beatrice, and Parrish were taken into custody on April 18 and all three remained behind bars as of Tuesday. Their bond has not yet been set.