Today Medical Center Hospital opens a new stroke unit.

The 9-Central Unit of Medical Center Hospital will now be known as the Abdul Kadir, M.D. Stroke Center of Excellence due to a $1,500,000 contribution made by the Wood Family Foundation, Inc.

The Wood Family says they’re honoring Dr. Kadir for his dedication, compassion, and service to the community.
 Abdul Kadir who has served as a Neurologist at MCH for more than 16 years says the honor is overwhelming and unbelievable.

“It’s like an Oscar moment. It’s hard for me to believe that the family has done that , it’s a proud unit for my stroke unit and for my institution where I work and practice.”, says Dr. Kadir.

The center was opened because of a decrease in stroke related deaths since their existing stroke unit opened five years ago.

The hospital says the high hopes they have fit the new name given to the center.

“Stroke units they do make a difference in the outcomes. Ever since we started the stroke unit things have changed. the volume of patients that we are getting  have almost double not because there we’re less sick patients but because the education and awareness are there.”, says Dr. Kadir.

Unlike heart attack symptoms patients take seriously, Dr. kadir says stoke symptoms sometimes get overlooked because people aren’t don’t know  what to look for.

“Unfortunately it’s the opposite opposite with the stroke and TI symptoms they have a little numbness in the face, little dizziness, little double vision, and they will try to sleep it off presuming they will be fine the next morning and it’s totally different.”, says Dr. Kadir.