ODESSA, TX. (NEXSTAR) — Each month educators from across the Basin are nominated by their peers, or parents of their students as an outstanding teacher. Four are chosen each month to receive a 250$ gift card towards their classroom, sponsored by Pioneer, and given to them by ABC Big 2 News.

This month, our Evening Anchor, Madalyn Bierster went and surprised one of those lucky winners, Mrs. Jordan Granado.

“So surprised I was not expecting this at all.” said Granado.

Mrs. Granado has been teaching for 7 years, and currently teaches Kindergarten at General Tommy Franks Elementary. She says she feels lucky to have been nominated.

“It feels awesome that people are noticing and see the hard work that you’re doing and just want you to be appreciated so that’s really good.” said Granado.

With $250 now in hand, she says she will put that money towards the wish list for her classroom.

“Probably getting some things on there so we can have more like stem activities to do and just more hands-on stuff in the classroom.” said Granado.

Mrs. Granado says being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs she has ever had.

“The progress they’ve made from August to now is just phenomenal so awesome to see.” said Granado.

Of course, working with Kindergarten-aged students makes teaching all the more fun.

“Well you know five-year-old’s are super fun and they’re very polite so they just tell you you know how it is how they’re feeling but they’re still so sweet and they want you to know that they love you.” said Granado.

The other two winners are Mrs. Jessica Pettitt. She teaches 10th grade at Crane High School. As well as Mrs. Lindsey Perez Pierce, she teaches Pre-K at First Christian Children’s Learning Center.

To nominate a teacher you think is deserving, click here.