A Story of Recovery and Hope


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Nathan Isaacks has been struggling with addiction his entire life, even to the point of being legally declared dead. But it was his personal dedication to recovery and help from a local treatment center in Midland that helped him on his journey to a new sober life.

As of November, Isaacks is 16-months sober and said he the happiest he’s ever been in 31 years. Now he’s on a mission to others find the courage to get the help they deserve.

“Being an addict or an alcoholic doesn’t make you a bad person, and it doesn’t mean that we are rotten at your core. A lot of us are very good people naturally. We just do things that we wouldn’t normally do because of our disease, and it alters our perception and our views and the way we live our lives,” said Nathan Isaacks.


Isaacks wants to encourage everyone to reach out for help because addiction is a disease and requires treatment. Dr. Terry Beck, the medical director for The Springboard Center in Midland and Turning Point in Odessa, said that addicts are not able to treat themselves, and getting sober requires a treatment facility, counselors, AA groups, a support system and continuous work every day.

Isaack encourages those going through treatment to listen to the advice of their counselors and follow the steps because that’s the best was to heal and start a life in recovery.

“If one liquor store was closed, I wouldn’t just not drink that day I would continue until I found it. Same with drugs, if I couldn’t find it at one location, I went to another location and pushed until I found it. And if you truly want to be sober and recovery seems like something you want, go to the same links and attack it with the same ferocity. Pick up the phone and call and call until you find a place, until you find someone to help you and get out of your own way,” said Isaacks.

If you or a family member has any questions, you can contact The Springboard Center, a rehab facility in Midland, anonymously for free to get the answers that could save a life. (432-620-0255


Springboard Center 432-620-0255 & Website

Turning Point 432-580-2654 & Website

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