A Refinery To Be Built in Pecos County Could Signify 400 New Jobs

MMEX resources announced they are going to build a $450 Million dollar refinery in Pecos county.  
“Well we are always happy that people look to Ft. Stockton and Pecos county for new opportunities and new jobs,” Joe Shuster, Pecos County Judge.  
They said the refinery will be located about 20 miles East of Ft. Stockton.
Judge Shuster said it will provide not just opportunity for MMEX resources but also Fort Stockton bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. 
“It could house about 400 to 450 employees in the beginning for the first  2 or three years,”said Judge Shuster.  
It will open 100 permanent jobs once the project is fully operational.   
The refinery will be located along the railroad tracks coming from San Angelo to Ft. Stockton, which is one of the reasons why CEO of MMEX Jack Hanks says they decided to set up shop in Pecos county. 
“The principle reason is that the railroads present an already made infrastructure for the refinery, in both bringing in crude oil supplies and also for shipping out refined products,”said Jack.  
The refinery will utilize these railroads to export fuels, liquefied petroleum gas and crude oil to Western Mexico and even South America.
MMEX will even refine up to 50 thousand barrels of oil per day.  
“Fifty thousand barrels a day, sounds like a big number, but the overall scheme of things, you know there is a lot of production in West Texas and more is coming,” said Jack. 

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