A recent budget proposal could bring a safe gun storage program to Texas


A bipartisan effort to try to address gun violence in Texas. The organization ‘Texas Gun Sense’ says the research is startling.

”Scientific data out there showing that there are 200-thousand children in Texas that are living in a home with an unlocked, unsecured, firearm,” says Vice Chair  Ed Scruggs. 

A statistic that is prompting Texas lawmakers to incorporate a  safe gun storage campaign into the State budget 

”This program will accomplish simply educating the public on the need to keep their firearms secure and how they can keep them secure.”

According to Ed Scruggs the campaign would be run by the Department Of  Public Safety.

”You wouldn’t have outside groups influencing what’s being taught to the public,” says the Vice Chair.

A concern for the NRA who says  the group ”still opposes the program but isn’t in the business for asking for veto”
The state budget now heads to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for approval where he has the power to line item veto the campaign or approve the budget as is.

Texas Gun Sense says this has been a topic of discussion for a long time, ”after the shooting at Santa Fe High School the Governor put together a series of round table discussions on improving school safety and reducing gun violence.”

Scruggs says ”the Governor knows we have the need for this type of program.”

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