ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – It’s that time of year again! Individuals can file their taxes today, 17 days earlier than last year. According to local tax preparer, Hugo Corral at Olivas Bookkeeping and Tax Services, this year’s tax season will look a lot different than in years past because of the pandemic and child-tax credit.

“In my opinion probably this tax season the biggest thing is going to be the advance that some families got on their child tax credits…for the past 6 months some families might have gotten depending on how many dependents they have some might’ve gotten 300 dollars per qualifying child some might’ve gotten 250,” says Corral.

The IRS stated that in December of 2021, more than 6 million tax returns were backlogged. Corral believes that this tax season there could be a major delay in returns for several reasons and recommends that you file as soon as possible to avoid a long delay in your returns.

“The biggest thing I ask my clients is to be patient because there’s only so much we can do and only so much that the IRS can do,” says Corral

Corral shared with us that a number of his clients prefer to submit their taxes online. In his experience, when submitting online Corral says that he’s seen people get their returns a little sooner than those that file by hand. Oliva’s Bookkeeping and Tax Services offers both in-person tax services as well as an online portal.

This year Corral says that the IRS is taxing cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and other online currency so he recommends that people report that in their taxes to get an accurate return.

“If you sell or convert crypto, the IRS is starting to, they’re wanting you to report all that so stocks, crypto be sure that you have your proper tax documents,” says Corral

According to the IRS, this tax season will run from January 24th to April 18th.