A foster mother’s story behind a loving home


Retired Educator Celeste Dickinson says, for her and her husband, it was a personal experience while teaching that led her to being a foster mother.

“We had a student that was in care and we felt like it was our calling to take him into our home.” says the foster mom 

Dickinson says ever since that day, two years ago, she has cared for 18 children in her home.

“The kisses and hugs that they give you each and every day, that’s got to be the best part,” She says. 

According to Dickinson  it makes her happy to see them grow as time goes on, “just being able to see them blossom from when they arrive in your home you know, the scared and to see them just start thriving.”

But the job of a foster parent isnt always easy 

Dickinson adding, “another foster parent said one time that, how do you explain grieving the loss of a child that is still alive you know and that’s what it is.” 

She says saying goodbye is never easy but she finds comfort  knowing she helped a child get through a hard time.

“People are always saying ‘oh it takes such a special person’ no, it takes everyone. It takes a village it takes everyone to do it.”

The event was hosted by Buckner International, the Foster Care Supervisor Patricia Acosta says its stories like these that makes her job special.

“I have just loved seeing them flourish and just a different side from the initial removal,” says Acosta.

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