62 Arrested in Child Prostitution Sting


More than 60 arrests were made in a large multi-agency sting that included departments from Odessa all the way to Abilene. 

According to the Odessa Police Department, the sting spanned the course of 15 days and targeted child predators, prostitution and human trafficking. 

Odessa Spokesman CPL. Steve Lesueur noted that the majority of the arrests were made locally, “Out of 62 of those arrests 55 of them were made right here in Odessa so we are definitely aware that is is an issue in Odessa.”

The first two days of the sting focused on child predators, with undercover officers posing as young children. 

In the first phase of the operation, police posted ads online and conducted undercover phones calls and text messages posing as a 13-year-old girl. 

Police reportedly responded to 6,095 incoming messages from 330 unique phones. 

The following suspects were arrested in the first portion of the operation: 

Online Solicitation of a Minor <14YOA, 2nd Degree Felony

  • Sebastian Zapata (age 22)
  • Eduardo Galvan (age 25)
  • Randall Sparkman (age 40) *REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER*
  • Alex Olivas (age 38)
  • Seth Patin (age 30)
  • David Williams (age 43)
  • Wesley Nickell (age 57) 

Sexual Performance of a Minor <14YOA, 1st Degree Felony

  • Osvaldo SiFuentes (age 46)
  • James Lambert (age 23)

Display Harmful Material to a Minor, Class A Misdemeanor

  • Juan Raigoza (age 24)
  • Russell Scott (age 34)

The next portion of the sting targeted prostitution where undercover officers posed as an underage girl and an adult woman, according to the release. 

During the operations, officers responded to 5,200 incoming messages from 756 unique phones. 

The following suspects were arrested during the second phase: 

Prostitution, Class B Misdemeanor

  • Robert Loysoya (age 59)
  • Johnny Bryant (age 31)
  • Cody Pendergrass (age 31)
  • Jonathon Kirkman (age 46)
  • German Ortega-Ortega (age 30)
  • Omar Reyna (age 43)
  • Eduardo Ibanez (age 31)
  • Sterling Fincher (age 26)
  • Nikolos Robinson (age 37)
  • Raefael Hernandez (age 43)
  • Stephan Punch (age 51)
  • Ariel Portillo (age 25)
  • Fabian Hernandez (age 34)
  • Aram Barrios-Hernandez (age 42)
  • Oludayo Olanyinka (age 37)
  • Jared Cunnigham (age 34)
  • Bill Oneal (age 45)
  • Jason Page (age 44)
  • Daniel Okunola (age 39)
  • Brandon Moore (age 31)
  • Aaron Mata (age 26)
  • Raymundo Gonzalez (age 43)
  • Luis Casas Jr (age 25)
  • Timothy Hicks (age 45)
  • Kurtis Shaw (age 18)
  • Stanley Daniel (age 21)  

Prostitution Solicit Person under the age of 18, 2nd Degree Felony

  • Alfredo Garcia (age 25)
  • Eric Gesch (age 43)
  • Christian Love (age 21)
  • Alex Brito (age 27)
  • Peyton Coffman (age 24)

The final phase of the operation human trafficking and victim recovery, police say. 

Officials say ads were posted online by officers posing as a 16-year-old girl. Officers also reportedly posed as human trafficking victims on the street attempting to be solicited for sexual conduct in exchange for money, the release reads. 

Furthermore, a search warrant was executed as a Massage parlor. The final portion of the operation yielded about 23 arrests, according to the release. 

Prostitution, Class B Misdemeanor

  • Patricia Chapman (age 46)
  • Ashley Hernandez (age 24)
  • Kami Martinez (age 19) 
  • Alexus Phillips (age 22) 
  • Kalleigh Tyler (age 25)
  • Dwight Thomas (age 28) 
  • Keith Davidson (age 48) 
  • Hamza Kechah (age 38) 
  • Ahlieya Caudillo (age 19) 
  • Adrianna Alcorta (age 22) 
  • Jasmine Miles (age 18) 
  • Tashonda Caraway (age 22) 
  • Tiara Runels (age 24) 
  • Desirey Carrizales (age 22) 
  • Young Yu (age 49) 

Prostitution, Class A Misdemeanor o

  • Rachel Tate (age 31)

Prostitution – Enhanced State Jail Felony 

  • Ding Bing (age 52) 

Prostitution Solicit Person under the age of 18, 2nd Degree Felony 

  • Lloyd David (age 28) 

Aggravated Promotion of Prostitution, 2nd Degree Felony 

  • Lee Hunsun (age 67)

The investigation included the OPD, the Department of Public Safety, the Midland Police Department, the Midland County Sheriff’s Office, the Midland Fire Department, the U.S. Marshals, the FBI, the Andrews Police Department, the Abilene Police Department, the Midland DA’s Office and more. 

Chief Michael Gerke with OPD said this won’t be the last time a sting is done. “This is absolutely an issue and as captain Ramos said, we’ve done operations like this before and we’ll do them in the future. This is not a one time thing, this is not something that we run away from and hide from, it’s something that we confront head on.” 

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