5 easy & cheap ways to give your home a makeover


It’s the start of a new season, and if you’re looking to refresh your home and redecorate, you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Kerri-Lee Mayland, interior designer and founder of the Kerri-Lee Mayland Company, shares five simple ways to completely transform your home, and in some instances, not even need to drop a dime.

Fix the Floor Plan

Consider function first. Is it easy to walk around?

Then choose a focal point.

“First of all identify what your focal point is. Is it a TV? Is it a fireplace? Is it both? And if so, just make sure the floor plan embraces that object. By just moving the position of the couch, it might be game changing for that room,” said Mayland.

BEFORE: In the photo below, the couch is trying to embrace the TV but is forgetting about the fire place, which is also a focal point of this room.

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland

AFTER: Just by moving the position of the couch, everything is now cohesive and is working together. Both the TV and fireplace are being embraced as focal points.

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland

Look at the lighting

Evaluate the lighting in your home and make sure you have more than one source of light.

“I always think in terms of three-point lighting. Take a look at what you have. Is that house lighting where it’s like ‘bar is closed, we’re turning on the lights to get you out of here?’ If that’s the case, add some different levels. Think about table lighting. What about a floor lamp? What about candle light? We all look good in that. Make sure your light source is not just a ceiling light,” Mayland recommends.

She also says the best tip she can give, is to put your lighting on a dimmer.

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland

Assess your accessories

Before you buy ANYTHING else, figure out what’s missing.

“Shop the accessories that you have. Put everything on the kitchen table, maybe the kitchen floor, and take a piece, put it in a new spot. Fresh and new. See if you’d like it. And don’t feel pressure to use the rest of it. You can put it on Facebook marketplace or take it to Goodwill or restore. Whatever it may be, don’t feel obligated to use it all and if you sell it, you can eventually go buy new things,” said Mayland.

Figure out what’s missing

Identify what you need in a room or your home and write it down!

“I sit down with a pen and paper, old fashioned style and make a list. I look around the room, and I think ‘Okay a candle there,’ and write it down. Also, describe what it should look like. Make your wish list and then shop from that, then a room will actually feel done. Otherwise you’re just creating more problems, and more to-do lists, and you’re not ever going to have anything come to completion.”

Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 10.26.25 PM.jpeg
Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland

Tackle the textiles

You can easily give your furniture new life just by adding a few extra elements to it.

BEFORE:  The photo below features an old and stained IKEA chaise lounge. There’s a couple of things that textiles will do – First of all, forgive problems spots.

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland

AFTER: In this after photo, the throw over the top has now softened the edges. The pillows have also given the couch more texture and dimension.

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland

“Try to vary the fabrics. Maybe add a patterned rug, like you can see in the after picture. You can see too, the textiles that we’ve chosen here. One is sort of a naughty throw, the other is a velvet pillow. The other one has a bit of a sea-grass feel. Once you put all those things together, it might feel haphazard at first, but it’s going to be more comfortable, it’s going to look more pulled together, and it’ll just give you that coziness, you want,” said Mayland.

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