MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The Midland Fire Department received a huge donation from Diamondback Energy on Wednesday, which could mean more life-saving equipment.

“So today, we’re out here donating 15 gas monitors to the Midland Fire Department, some technology they’ll be able to monitor remotely while their crews respond to various calls regarding various gas leaks. Something they didn’t have room in their budget to purchase all of the answering and the quality of service to provide the people of Midland,” said Andy Chandler, MFD Hazmat Coordinator.

The donation includes about $41,000 to purchase 15 gas G7C monitors, as well as a three-year subscription for the real-time monitoring system.

“It’s increased our capabilities of air monitoring different type calls we go on and notifies the guys a little more on what’s going on there,” said Danny Wesson, Diamondback Energy CEO.

“We’re really thankful for this partnership with Diamondback and for their generosity and willingness to provide something that’s so needed for first responders in our community. These 15 monitors are also important for the people in our community that they are willing to help and protect, and so when they go into a scenario that is difficult or where there’s air quality issues to ensure that safety,” said Midland Mayor Lori Blong.

MFD says these state-of-the-art monitors will enhance their response to gas leak incidents, as it provides real-time data as they approach the source.

“It’s really important and what many hazmat teams across the country are going to and so we’re bringing it to engines here in Midland and its state of the art, and we’re just excited to have it.”

“Diamondback continues to support first responders in Midland, we feel like it’s important to give back to the community in which we live and work you know we continue to support all of our first responders and invest in Midland and that pays dividends back to us.”

“This is money that we generate in our operations and the work that we do, and we invest in oil and gas and the money that we generate off oil and gas investment that enables us to share some of the returns with the community in ways that we can help through public/private partnerships,” added Wesson.

“They are paying attention to the things that our community needs the most and they have been really faithful to step forward and give in places that are really needed in our community,” continued Mayor Blong.

MFD says these new monitors will be put to use right away.