4 unique table decor ideas for your Thanksgiving feast


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Spice up your Thanksgiving table this year!

Kerri-Lee Mayland, interior designer and founder of the Kerri-Lee Mayland Company, breaks down four ways to make your turkey day feast unique and festive:


“Some people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, they celebrate ‘Friendsgiving.’ For this one we have paper table cloth, and I have some peel and stick wallpaper. Stick it on there like a place mat. We also repurposed these gourds with some pastels, and voila, Friendsgiving!”

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

Simple and Savory

“I really wanted to stay true to the whites and greens and so this one really celebrates that. The savory is from maybe something you used in the kitchen. You can use a little bit of rosemary, tie a sprig onto your napkin and it looks really pretty. You can also use monstera leaves or some boxwoods.”

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

Thrifty Thanksgiving

“Visit your favorite thrift store. I even left price tags on some of this stuff. This whole place setting is $6 counting everything. Put together whatever you find that makes you happy. But have fun with it and really push the envelope.”

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

Traditional Settings

“Here’s a kind of traditional place setting. Maybe something you’d see at your grandmother’s. Go vintage, borrow a page from her cookbook, and just keep it really traditional. By the way, traditional doesn’t have to be pricey. These plates were also thrifted and were $1 each.”

Courtesy: Kerri-Lee Mayland Company

With any of these table decor ideas you’ll be sure to impress your guests this year.

Watch the video above to see how Mayland makes the entire dining room festive using items you can steal straight from your fridge. To learn more about the Kerri-Lee Mayland Company click here.

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