MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Three Midland ISD staff members from Burnet Elementary School have been placed on administrative leave following allegations of corporal punishment, the District said in a statement. 

The district said it learned of the allegations late Tuesday night and immediately launched investigations which led to the staff members being placed on leave Wednesday. The staff members will remain on leave until investigations are concluded.

A source who wanted to remain anonymous told ABC Big 2 News that three staff members in a K-2nd grade class for students with special needs were caught hitting several students with a ruler and slapping another student across the arm. These specifics have not been confirmed by MISD. However, the witness said someone inside the school found out and reported the alleged abuse to Child Protective Services.

The source said to us, “I want people to be aware of what is going on, I want some changes…I want cameras in the rooms, and I want these (special needs) kids to be moved to the front of the school instead of stuck in the back so that the principal and other administrators can keep an eye on what is happening. I pray for these babies and these families that have to go through this. These kids don’t want to go to school, they’re afraid their teachers are going to hit them…and the sad part is some of them can’t even say that out loud.”

MISD said in a statement, “The alleged behavior is unacceptable and has no place in our school system. Midland ISD is committed to fully investigating the allegations and aiding investigation by relevant authorities.”