ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – 3 Kings Day is a religious tradition that originated in France in the 14th century that spread all over the world.

Every year on January 6th, Hispanics and Mexicans alike hold gatherings with family and friends to partake in the celebration of Día de Los Reyes Day by cutting a slice of the Rosca. A small plastic figurine is placed inside the Rosca bread before cutting, this figurine represents baby Jesus. It is considered to be good luck if the figurine is in the slice you receive. The person who finds the figurine of Jesus is designated to throw a fiesta and provide tamales on Día de la Candelaria which falls on February 2nd.

Many people here in the basin have been preparing themselves for January 6th. Melody Bakery had a shortage of Rosca de Reyes but that doesn’t stop their celebrations.