ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Three Ector County ISD students were arrested Monday after allegedly making threats on three different campuses.

First, at Permian High School, ECISD police arrested a student for a threat made last week that circulated on social media over the weekend. Officers were told the image and threat were part of a group chat that was supposed to be a joke. The image then it got air-dropped to students throughout the school.

Second, following a fight today, a 7th grader at Nimitz Middle School was overheard telling another student he would get a gun and shoot him. 

Third, a 12-year-old student at the Alternative Center was heard telling another student he would bring a gun to school tomorrow and shoot him.

All three students were arrested and charged with the Class A Misdemeanor Threat or Exhibition of a Weapon on School Grounds or Bus and will also be facing school disciplinary action at the campus level.

ECISD said in a statement, “We have been communicating with parents and students about the severity of consequences for this type of behavior. All threats are taken seriously and, if found to be true, will result in criminal charges and school discipline. School and school district leaders continue to remind parents to please have this critical conversation with your children – threats and violence will not be tolerated.”