PERMIAN BASIN (KMID/KPEJ)- Two popular West Texas Barbeque spots have been named among the best new and improved restaurants in the state by Texas Monthly; the owners of Brantley Creek and Midland Meat Company’s Half-Acre said it’s a huge honor. 

“It was a great milestone, for sure,” said Brantley Creek owner Brandon McPherson.

“It’s a pretty neat thing, Texas Monthly is sought after for BBQ reviews…that’s a really good honor,” said Midland Meat Company owner John Scharbauer. 

Brantley Creek recently opened its brick-and-mortar restaurant in Odessa; located at 3541 Faudree Road, the BBQ spot, which was first a food truck, opened after McPherson lost his job in the oilfield. 

“We started out in the food truck for about four years,” McPherson said. “Lost my job in the oil field, we gave it a run, it became popular, we outgrew the trailer and now we’re trying to get this thing going and it’s been good so far. If you want to come out and try the food, be here early, people start lining up around 10 -10:20 and we have a line until we sell out and we do sell out. Right now, we’re cooking six times as much food as we used to and we’re gonna ramp up as we go, we’re taking baby steps cause it’s a lot of hard work.”

MMC’s Half Acre is located at 1101 Washita; the restaurant is unique in that the owner and his family are also ranchers and the cattle they raise is sought after by many chefs in the Basin.

“Half Acre was created as a way for the meat company to use the other cuts; it’s really cool to see the ranch to table be put into play out here and to be rewarded in such a high honor, cause Texas (has) a lot of good BBQ,” Scharbauer said. 

Half Acre’s Pit Boss, Aaron Lesley said he’s proud of the work he and his team are doing to feed BBQ lovers in the area. 

“It’s a goal we’ve had all year and has been a dream of mine. It’s hard work and a lot of time and dedication to be in that place and I’m honored to be on it with other pit masters as well,” Lesley said.

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