BIG SPRING, TX. (NEXSTAR) — Established in 1945, Howard College has been serving Big Spring students and beyond for decades. Now with some much needed funding donated to the college, the school will soon undergo many renovations.

“We have been pining for that donation for years.” said President of the College, Cheryl Sparks.

She says the music building on campus will be undergoing a one million dollar renovation.

“It’s one of our early buildings, 1956 is when it was created in and it’s just a iconic place it’s just special,” said Sparks. “I keep using the word there’s a magic about the building, but there is.”

The one million dollars was donated by Carol Adams. Her father was an early board member at the school.
Adams attended recitals there as a little girl.

“And there’s just a magic about that building, so for her to be able to relive that and to be able to bring that honoring, legacy to her family makes it even better.” said Sparks.

School leaders say they want to keep the original architecture and design in place, but also restore it.

“We’re gonna be going down to the to the floor of the ceilings the windows and we’re going to just go back in and we’re keeping the basic structure.” said Sparks.

President Sparks says she is excited for former and current students to see the renovations.

“The students of the past that have graduated and are in the community, and actually are serving in roles in the community… as well as our current students everyone’s excited about.” said Sparks.

That wasn’t the only donation that the college received this month, $80,000 was given by the G.C. Broughton JR. Foundation.

“Once again they have donated money that is going to help our students in the Adult Education and Literacy Program as well as our Dental Hygiene Program.” said Sparks.

With around 40 students in the Dental Hygiene Program, the new chairs will help their overall learning experience.

“Those chairs are expensive and so they have given us funding to replace some of those dental hygiene chairs.” said Sparks. “To be able to have up-to-date technology that is going to allow them to complete the training before they go out to the world of work is going to give him the confidence that they need and then obviously for our patients, our clients… it’s gonna be a better experience for them as well.”

The school is still working on a timeline for the improvements, but are hopeful to have the work completed within the next year.