19th Annual Ride to Remember


Memorial Day for some is a day to honor service members who died in the line of duty. 

Today 464 bikers drove from Midland to Andrews for the 19th annual Ride to Remember. 

Cyle Mitchell participated in this ceremony for 7 years. He said he loves participating in this every year to remember those who are no longer with us.

“For me it’s you know to follow the footsteps of our veterans,” said Mitchell. “I followed in the footsteps of my family who had veterans and you know I ride for them.”

So, for the 19th year people came together in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

Ryan Johnston performed the bagpipes at the ceremony in Andrews. He said he was overwhelmed with how many bikers showed up. 

“When I was playing I didn’t realize how many bikes were coming in,” said Johnston.  “Then they just kept coming and coming.”

When bikers got into Andrews they were greeted with friendly faces, patriotic music, and a warm meal. 

Rex Johnson is the President of Andrews County Veteran Memorial. He was very pleased with the turn out of bikers who participated in this years ceremonies. 

“So we have always been a military town,” said Johnson. “We have always supported our families and especially on memorial day because their families have given the ultimate sacrifice.”
Johnson said this day can be emotional for a lot of people and he does what he can to help families through recent deaths. 

Bill McNeill is the Senior Road Captain. He said he has lost some during their time in the service. 

“My uncle that got killed was a sailor just like I was,” said McNeill. “He is lost at sea we have no idea where sunny boy is at or his submarine or the rest of his crew.”

The message today wasn’t about the sales going on but remembering those gave the ultimate scarifies. 

“What I can do for my friends and my kin folk is never let them be forgotten,” said McNeill. “So, I push this stuff every chance I get.”

Bill McNeill said he loves what he does and loves giving thanks to all men and women who have serve or are actively serving. 

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