MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (Nexstar) – More than a day after a young man was shot and killed in Midland County, the search continues for the gunman.

19-year-old Ivan Josue Ortiz-Castillo was shot and killed Monday night on the 10000 block of WCR 154, the Midland County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release Tuesday.

Sheriff’s deputies spent Tuesday along WCR 154, combing over dirt, weeds, and gravel for clues. They also searched inside dumpsters.

The team of investigators slowly and methodically made their way down WCR 154: from the cul-de-sac to SCR 1270. They would later turn their attention to the businesses on WCR 154, in search of surveillance cameras that might have recorded the moments before, during, and after the shooting.

“Somebody seen (sic) him. They were driving in from work. They just happened to look over there, and there he was,” said Antonio Manriquez.

Manriquez is the owner of TM RV Park on WCR 154. He said 19-year-old Ortiz-Castillo was found by the entrance to his RV park. Manriquez also said the victim lived at the park for a significant amount of time.

“Tell me about him,” reporter Rob Tooke said.

“He was very quiet… kept to himself… then, this happens,” Manriquez responded.

Manriquez said about two dozen people live in the area of the shooting. For a murder to happen so close to home, it’s become a shock.

“Nothing ever happens out here. You can leave your keys in your car, your door unlocked, and it’ll be there in the morning,” Manriquez said.

The criminal investigation remains ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to give Midland County Sheriff’s Office or Midland Crime Stoppers a call.