ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A video of a young boy being attacked and beaten by six people has gone viral on social media. The mother of the victim and other people in the community are furious as they said these attacks keep happening more frequently.

The attack on a local 12 year old boy was caught on camera, the video shows him being punched and kicked repeatedly by six other people at Woodson Park in Odessa, Thursday afternoon.

The video has since gone viral all across Facebook, we have to warn you the video itself is graphic.

“I don’t know, I feel like it’s a survival thing for kids nowadays, it breaks my heart, honestly,” said a worried Meagan Lee, the victim’s aunt.

The victim’s mother had one of her worst fears realized she saw her son being brutally beaten by six people at Woodson Park, while he was waiting to be picked up by his aunt.

She asked that we don’t show her child or reveal his name, but said the damaged caused will affect her son for a long time.

She said seeing this happen to her own child, is heartbreaking and makes her nervous to let her children go anywhere outside the house anymore.

“It really broke my heart knowing that my son had to go through something like that and I’m worried about his mental state of mind, he’s going to be dealing with later on as much physically, yeah bruises heal, but mentally, I don’t know where were going to go from there. Now, I’m scared, I’m fearful for him to take him anywhere by himself, I want him with me at all times, you know?” questioned a terrified mother, Tasha Lee.

Lee said she has filed a report with Odessa Police against those involved in the fight and she is hoping for justice for her child.

She also hoped that by sharing his story, she can spread awareness about attacks happening far too often in West Texas.

Lee added, “That’s not something I want for my kids, but what can we do? And that’s why I want to stand up for my son now, because I want my son to know that this is not okay.”

Shawn Carrasco is the founder of Da Gorilla Kids, or DGK, as many people know it. It’s a local mentorship program hoping to help kids who are bullied, those doing the bullying, and those who come from broken homes, really anyone who needs the extra mentorship in their lives.

After seeing this video, the victim’s aunt reached out to Carrasco for help. He said he was devastated to see the video himself.

“They reach out to me and I’ve got so many more that reach out to me, I spend most of my days emotional and crying. These people and these families are reaching out to me and it hurts, and it tears me up,” added an emotional Carrasco.

He said it’s these situations that make him believe in what he does, and push others to be a mentor to young children.

“What I do is help these kids heal. And I needed that, so I help them heal so they can use that not as a crutch, but to inspire each other. So what I do is I have them share their story and use that to catapult the rest of their life,” emphasized Carrasco.

Carrasco hoped that people see this story and choose to help stop situations like this one from ever happening again.

As of right now, OPD said this case is still under investigation. If you have any information that could help in this case, and if you recognize the people in that video, contact OPD or Odessa Crime Stoppers right away.