Randi Spenser is spreading holiday cheer one cup of cocoa at a time.

10-year-old Randi is giving out hot chocolate to people who brave the cold driving through her neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.

She said she wants to be a cop when she grows up and she loves dogs so donating to the k-9 unit was an easy choice.

Randi also said she set a goal and in four days, she surpassed it.

“Im selling hot chocolate and donating it to the k-9s, for bullet proof vets and shoes for when they go through glass and stickers in the field,” said Randi, “I chose this and its perfect because I want to be a cop when I grow up, a k-9 cop.”

This aspiring cop couldn’t pour cups fast enough as people were arriving in bus loads.

In four days she already raised more than one thousand dollars.

“She set the goal that she wanted to raise a thousand dollars and now shes changed her goal and I cant tell you how much she has raised so far because she want it to be a secret. She wants all the police officers to be surprised when she hands them the check,” said Kristi Spenser, Randi’s Mom.

“I wanted them to be wowed,” said Randi.

The Odessa Police Department has shown their support by standing outside with Randi on each shift and even bringing a furry friend.

“Very proud, she always makes me feel very proud, shes got one of the kindest hearts you could ever see, shes just a really great kid,” said Kristi.

Randi said she plans on giving out hot chocolate throughout the month of December and you can find her in the Emerald Forest neighborhood.