A new app is paving the way to make Basin roads safer.

The ‘Safe 2 Save’ app, is rewarding drivers for not using their phones while behind the wheel.

“So a lot of people are guilty of looking down at their phone when they are behind the wheel so we wanted to help end that,” said Marci Corry, CEO and Founder of  the Safe 2 Save app, “One way to do that is rewarding people so literally people are going to download the free app, get two points for each minute they are going 10 miles or more and then once they rack up points they get to use them at great participating local restaurants and businesses for free food.”

Some of those places are Brew Street Bakery, Basin Burger, Kent Kwik, and Murray’s Deli.

“So obviously, I’m young so I am a text and driver, check my phone because something comes up and I obviously don’t have the patience to wait. I always feel like it something really important. But learning about this app and finding out I can earn points to take my kids to do things I thought was really awesome,” said Kaci Miller, downloaded the app.

“I think it’s powerful because when people are about to even pick it up, it’s gonna turn red and say, ‘it can wait, don’t text and drive’. And when they see a picture of their own family and friends on the first screen, and it says, ‘Is it really worth it?’, there’s a psychological impact right there,” said Corry.

Corry said recently studies show, the Basin has a high  number of fatal crashes.

She added, not nearly enough people are getting pulled over for texting and driving, even though it is illegal.

“I think its one solution but we need several and so when you look at what is happening statewide we have a pretty big issue,” said Corry.

So far more than 133,000 people have downloaded the app and started collecting rewards.

“So I’m going to make more of an effort now, moving forward to drive safer and keep her safe and her brother,” said Miller.

So download your app and help make Permian Basin roads safe in 2019.