MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Attorney, Justin Moore, is speaking out after watching the released bodycam footage of Tye Anders’ arrest. He believes the released footage with play-by-play captioning was “self-serving,” and did not include anything in the interest of justice for Tye Anders and Midland citizens.

“It just really begs the question, you know, ‘Is Midland PD, and specifically this officer, being honest about what happened that day?’ And I don’t think so,” explained Moore. “The evidence shows that they’re not.”

Anders was arrested on May 16th and charged with evading arrest. Police say he ran a stop sign.

“Providing a video with that kind of captioning to it – it actually prejudice Tye Anders going into the grand jury presentation. So I thought it was distasteful, I thought it was unethical, and I thought it showed complete lack of honoring justice in that city,” said Moore.

Moore claims the provided captioning taints the perception of Midlanders on what really happened. He says the captioning could affect how a jury views the video. Moore went onto say Thursday’s townhall meeting by Midland officials showed lack of concern for Midland citizens.

“Is it Herman? He made some comments that were irresponsible and shows the tenor of the Midland Police Department.”

Moore says he supports all fights against police brutality, and believes much of the dialogue during Midland’s Sunday protests were fueled by the Tye Anders case.

“Midland city leadership are trying to, in a sense, devalue or take away the integrity of what we’re trying to do for Tye, because we’re outsiders. I believe that’s dog whistle politics, and they’re trying to keep the minority population of Midland oppressed the way they have been doing for the past 50 60 years there.”