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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – While the coronavirus is still a concern, it’s important to keep up with the rest of your health. Dr. Beck with WesTex Urgent Care talks about the importance of taking care of your health and seeking help when you need it.

“It’s very safe to come in to the office if you need to, I just want to make sure people are aware of that and please don’t forget about the other health issues you have going on. Those still need to be addressed.”

With the pandemic going on, many people are avoiding the doctors office and neglecting their other illnesses. Dr. Beck wants to ensure patients that their staff is taking every precaution to keep everyone safe.

“Well first of all, I just want to let people know that we are being super careful in our office as far as wiping down surfaces and we are encouraging, in fact we are asking that if anyone is sick they not come into the office and those are the patients that we are gonna ask to provide care for them with a virtual visit. You know, you can do that in your car with your smart phone or at home with an I-pad, laptop, computer or your phone…We are encouraging everyone to wear masks, all of our employees are wearing masks and we are encouraging all patients to wear masks. We are wiping down and disinfecting all surfaces, doorknobs, that type of thing after every patient leaves we wipe down all the surfaces. And just in the next week we will have filters in our air return ducts that will actually be able to filter out viral particles as small as the COVID-19 virus.”

Dr. Beck says these types of filters are similar to the N-95 masks. If you are still uncomfortable with visiting his office in person, a virtual visit is a great option.

“We’ve been doing our virtual visits or what you call tele-health visits for about a year and a half now so we started this and we were well acquainted or well prepared when everyone else or alot of other people may have been scrambling we already had our virtual visits in place for about a year and a half and it’s an excellent opportunity or an excellent option for people who, one, are busy and may not have the time to come into the office, or especially right now if they’re sick and we don’t want them in the office because they could infect other patients or our staff and thirdly, it’s just great for other types of complaints too. Now there are complaints that are inappropriate for a virtual visit but if it’s something simple like a sinus infection, a sore throat, an ear ache, a cough, maybe a bladder infection or a urinary infection in a female. Things like that are perfect opportunities to use a virtual visit. They’re quick and they’re easy and they can be billed to your insurance right now or we have a cash option as well.”

Dr. Beck says that if you do a virtual visit for something too complicated, the provider will ask you to come to a clinic in person. If you do see them within 24 hours, you will be given credit for any funds paid toward the virtual visit.

Don’t forget, WesTex Urgent Care is still offering car-side testing for COVID-19 as well as antibody testing.

“So we’re still doing the antibody testing that we’ve been doing for the last three weeks, we’re still doing car-side testing for someone if they think they may have acute infection with COVID-19 so come see us, stay safe, we’re practicing all kinds of things we need to make sure our offices are safe. We know there are people out there that are still infected and if you wanna know if you might’ve had COVID-19 in the past the antibody testing is available, it’s quick and easy so come see us and stay safe.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit their website.

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