PERMIAN BASIN (Nexstar) — During the winter months, it’s important for families to have ways to heat up the home to keep the cold out.

Many of those families rely on natural gas to keep their homes warm during the winter months.

Wayne Christian, Texas Railroad Commissioner, says Texans can depend on natural gas to be available if another catastrophic power failure occurs again.

“We had a weatherization in place for natural gas, we have the largest volume of salt mines, salt domes of caverns that are full and prepared with natural gas,” said Christian.

During the storm and the freeze, production didn’t go up to historic levels.

It had the largest distribution of natural gas in the history of the entire state, according to Commissioner Christian.

Unlike electricity customers, natural gas customers should’ve had this resource during it all.

“We are not in charge, do not regulate nor are we responsible for the generation of electricity. That’s not our bailiwick,” said Christian. “Ninety nine percent of the people that turned on a knob that wanted natural gas during that storm, natural gas was there.”

During the cold snap, natural gas production dropped according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.