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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/FOX 24) – “Be Our Change” is our positive, inspirational segment. We introduce you to a local man who was partially paralyzed as a baby.

Despite what happened, he now sees it as a blessing and a way to encourage others.

“My family was coming home from a grocery store run, and a drunk driver ran the stop sign and struck our family’s vehicle,” said Adam Lucio, an Odessa man. “I was five months at the time, in my car seat, which I was ejected from. They found me lodged between the windshield and the dashboard.  I’m paralyzed from the knees down.”

His message is simple: adapt and achieve.

“I feel it gave me the platform here, and it made me who I am today,” said Lucio.

He works as the Unit Director for the Headlee Boys and Girls Club in West Odessa. In his spare time, he speaks on adaptive inclusion, overcoming adversities, and chasing your goals.

“Everybody sees my chair as maybe an impediment or an anchor that’s holding me down,” said Lucio. “When it’s a vessel that provides me with the tools to get around and do anything I want to.  I’m trying to change that narrative and change the stigma.”

He’s also a competitor in wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, as well as 10K, and marathon racing against local able-bodied runner.

“Sexism, genderism, racism, all these things are really big, controversial issues right now, but nobody talks or speaks about ableism. The disabled community is just as much segregated sometimes in front of our very own eyes,” said Lucio. His hope is to raise awareness.  Lucio said, “Some places are still inaccessible, there are still restaurants around town I don’t go to because I can’t fit in those restrooms.

He goes on to say, “No matter what kind of obstacle or adversity you’re going through, life always has another route.  It might be a little more difficult, but it’s completely possible as long as you adapt and achieve.”

It seems there’s no stopping  Lucio. He just did a 10k this past weekend in Midland and took 7th overall.

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