Nurses react to caring for patients with coronavirus

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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24)- Nurses, doctors, hospital janitors and everyone working in hospitals are putting their worries and fears aside to care for patients with coronavirus.

“There’s fear…for sure,” said Jami Chapman, RN, ORMC.

“Personally, it has been very hard,” said Dr. Vicky Webb, Complete Care Midland.

“It’s been slightly overwhelming,” said Gracie Smith, BSN, RN, MCH.

Essential workers head to work everyday, but those walking into a hospital have a lot more to face.

“The most stress for me- has been trying to keep my staff and my family healthy,” said Dr. Webb.

“I go home to my family, my son and that’s my biggest thing- taking it home to my family. It weighs on my everyday,” said Amanda Salgado, RN, MCH.

“This virus in particular is so fast-acting. You’re looking at someone and saying OK they are not even on oxygen then the next thing you know they’re on a significant amount of oxygen,” said Chapman.

“They turn on you on a dime,” said Salgado.

During this battle, COVID-19 patients can’t have any family with them in the hospital.

Cindy Quiroz, a registered nurse at Medical Center Hospital, said one of the patients she was treating died of coronavirus.

“It was difficult knowing that she didn’t have her family there in that moment to be there for her. So we’re there for her. We did the best we could to be there for her,” said Quiroz.

Jami Chapman treated a patient who was being put on a ventilator.
She said she wanted to make sure the patient spoke with family before being intubated.

“My biggest fear was going to be that she was going to be put on a ventilator- possibly not to come off and never had that opportunity to talk to her family before that. And that one has always been a little rough for me. The good news is the patient did come off the ventilator,” said Chapman.

In this trying time, there is always good to be found.

“I feel like the community coming together, being kind to one another and helping each other out has been tremendous and amazing,” said Dr. Webb.

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