Midland Police Chief and Midland County Sheriff get candid about defunding of officers

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MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/FOX 24) – A controversial topic in West Texas and across America is whether to defund law enforcement. Hear from the Midland Police Chief and Midland County Sheriff. They had some candid conversations with us at the “Honor the Blue” event.

“The generosity of the Permian Basin blows me away. They’re always out there.  They’re caring, they have big hearts, and they support us 100 percent, and we appreciate that,” said Sheriff David Criner, Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

“I think they need to take a step back and understand. The actions of a few should not dictate any direction of policy or any community’s decision to remove the only line of defense they have between criminals and the good citizens,” said Chief Seth Herman, Midland Police.

“It’s heartbreaking to us because we go out there day in and day out, and we’re there to serve the community,” said Sheriff David Criner, Midland County Sheriff’s Office. “There are some bad officers. But we take care of those situations, those concerns. Like even in the pastorship, there are bad pastors. There’s bad journalism. There’s one in every aspect of life, but don’t judge us because one person has made a mistake. We all have hearts, we love people, and we’re out there because we love to serve our community.”

We also spoke with the organizers of the event. “They’re our neighbors; they’re our friends, we go to church with them, you may not even know it. But these are the guys that are putting their lives on the line for us, and when you call 911, that’s who’s going to come to save you, get you out of a bind,” said Chase McCain, Honor the Blue organizer.

“These guys have one of the most difficult jobs there is, and these guys are dealing with unimaginable situations that are extremely dangerous.  These guys are risking their lives, and they’re saving people’s lives,” said Lance VanZandt, Honor the Blue organizer.
The past two weekends, “Honor the Blue” held a fundraising event for local law enforcement. Those events ended up raising around $150,000.

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