McKinney and Herman address rumors regarding the relationship between MPD and MCSO

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"Quit acting like a two year old, and let's just be adults."

MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Officials in Midland are setting the record straight. Chief Deputy Rory McKinney of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office says there have been false rumors being spread about the relationship between Midland Police and the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

Both McKinney and Chief Herman of Midland Police say those rumors are politically motivated. Chief Deputy Rory McKinney is currently running for the seat of Midland Sheriff. He threw his hat in the ring in July of 2019.

“Quit acting like a two year old, and let’s just be adults,” said McKinney. “It is all politically motivated. I’ve been hearing that me and Chief Herman don’t get along with each other, and we don’t have the assistance that we have had before, which is all completely false.”

Rumors have been stemming from an interview between Midland County Sheriff Candidate, David Criner, and KWEL Radio. During the interview, Criner states, “I’ve talked to Chief Herman about it, and for some reason, those relationships have been strained over the years. I think I’m the person that can bring us all together once again.”

Chief Seth Herman with the Midland Police Department denies there is any bad blood between MPD and MCSO. Herman took an apolitical stance on an issue he also believes is politically charged.

“I can only assume that politics plays a huge part in this right now,” explained Herman. “Whatever their motivation is, if their intention is to push a candidate forward, that they should allow that candidate to run on their own merits.”

He says he looks forward to maintaining the mutually-beneficial relationship with MCSO no matter who is in office.

“I think we all look at this as a combined effort to protect the citizens of both Midland County and the City of Midland. And in doing so, we work together quite well.”

YourBasin reached out to candidate, David Criner, who stated, “I am not familiar with the personal relationship between my opponent and Chief Herman.” When asked if he denies the rumors regarding the relationship between MPD and MCSO, Criner responded, “I’m not familiar with any such rumor.”

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