ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – A local business is on high alert after two attempted break-ins in recent months.

Lydia Decker is co-manager of Park Inn Storage off W. 31st Street. She says a man stopped by on Sunday when they were closed, and cut his way in through the back security fence. She saw it unfold from her front office desk.

“Then, when he stopped by the back gate, and I saw the bolt cutters, that was it. I knew exactly, he was up to no good,” Decker said.

Lydia lives on the facility property with her husband. She says the man was driving a dark red/maroon older model SUV. She describes him as a young man with short, dark hair. There was a hard drive issue with her cameras when the break-in suspect came around on sunday, so the incident wasn’t recorded.

But to Lydia, nothing is more alarming as a manager of a storage facility than seeing someone with bolt cutters.

“You don’t have a key, you have bolt cutters. You plan on getting into something you don’t have a key for,” Decker said.

There are only two people on site most of the time. Lydia and her husband.

“All and all, Odessa really has gotten worse, probably, in the last four years,” Decker said.

This isn’t the first time either the storage facility has faced criminal behavior. During the ice storm in February, when power was out, there was another incident.

“I heard somebody walk up on the porch, through the snow, grabbed the security bars on the door, pulling on it like they were trying to get in,” Decker said.

That person was run off, too, by Lydia. But, cases like this make Lydia vigilant about her business, one she’s managed for nearly a decade with her husband.

With her clients’ possessions here, too, she says she relies on the security fences and the cameras. The most important thing right now to her is protection.

“I carry for self-protection. Because like I said, if something happens, you know, you don’t always have the convenience of dialing 911,” Decker said. “You know, I never want to shoot anybody. But, if it comes down to their life or my life, it’s going to be my life.”