MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Good Samaritans are stepping up during this time of need. One local hairstylist is using her cosmetology skills to pay it forward.

Janie Perez says she felt a pull at her heartstrings to do something. She decided to provide a free hair wash at her studio to anyone without hot water. After posting her offer on Facebook, the comments took off.

“I was like wow, something so small that we do everyday, don’t even blink about it… Just to not have it all of a sudden, it’s hard. It is kind of an emotional thing, because it could be somebody’s breaking point.”

In a time of dire need, it is often the little things. Millions across the Lone Star state are without power and hot water, because of the winter storm. It’s no different for thousands of West Texans.

“Terrible… Terrible. 53 years of my life and I’ve never experienced this,” said Gloria Hernandez. “I would see it in other places, but never did I think it would hit home, and it did.”

Gloria has been without hot water for five days. In a home with three people, everyone is taking it day by day.

“We just don’t appreciate what we have daily until we lose it.”

It was an answered prayer for Gloria when she came across a Facebook post by Janie. Janie decided to provide a free hair wash at her studio to anyone without access to a hot shower.

“Okay, I’ll post it. It was late, maybe like 8 or 9 pm. Next time I looked at my phone I saw so many comments and so many likes. Wow, I did not expect this to just take off.”

She hopes her good deed will help someone else pay it forward.

“I think it’s very important for us to come together as a community, especially right now. It’s a good thing, I guess, that it got so much exposure, because I really hope people take from it and decide to find maybe something small, it doesn’t have to be big, to help someone else.”