Halloween for Children with Autism

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MIDLAND, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) Halloween can be an exciting time for children, but for those with autism, it can be scary and overwhelming. Experts say through planning children celebrate the holiday in a sensory-friendly way.

Every Thursday, at 11 a.m., we “Ask the Experts,” and this week Dr. Rick Solomon shares his expertise.

Dr. Rick Solomon, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and medical director at The Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in Michigan, has been working in his field for 25 years. He is an author, founder of The Play Project, and an internationally recognized expert in autism services. To his patients, he’s known as “The Fun Doctor” and/or Dr. Rick.  

Dr. Rick loves Halloween and says there are some easy ways parents to help prepare their children to have a safe, fun and exciting Halloween experience. 

Dr. Rick said it’s important to stay closer to home and have three or four neighbors you trust to help you make the experience fun with safe appropriate candy. “Children with autism don’t wear masks and they don’t understand social distancing, so you’ll want to monitor them closely and walk with them,” said Dr. Rick.

Parents can have gloves and or hand sanitizer available, “as children touch things like the doorknobs and banisters, you can clean their hands off and make safe from the virus,” Dr. Rick said. 

Although the essential part of helping your child prepare for Halloween is to practice at home. For additional Halloween tips and practicing suggestions for children with autism, visit Dr. Rick’s blog on Play Project.

Next week, Thursday 5th at 11 a.m. ABC Big 2 News will dive further into The PLAY Project® autism early intervention program.

“We take play seriously.”

Dr. Rick Solomon

The PLAY Project: Evidence-based, intensive, autism early intervention

Research shows that The PLAY Project leads to improved relationships between parents and their child who has autism. As a result, the child improves their social and functional development. www.PlayProject.org

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