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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Fitness plans and workout routines have looked a bit different lately with gyms temporarily closing during COVID-19. Now that businesses are reopening, it’s important to be mindful about your health and your wallet. Here’s Heather Massey from your Better Business Bureau with what consumers should know about gym memberships during COVID-19.

What concerns do gym-goers have about their memberships right now?

  • Many are wondering what steps are being taken to keep gym equipment sanitary and if they should pay membership fees while the gym is unavailable.

How can gyms address these concerns?

  • Providing regular, transparent communication can provide your clients with answers and peace of mind.
  • These communications should include information such as sanitation measures, opening dates and if any membership fees will be refunded while the gym is closed.

What tips does BBB have for consumers regarding gym memberships during COVID-19?

  • Read reviews. If you are looking for a new gym, visiting in person may not be possible at gyms that are still closed or reducing capacity. The best substitute for in-person visits is reading reviews of the gym. You can check to view the gym’s business profile to see what experiences other consumers have had.
  • Review your contract. If you are wondering what refund options are available, you can check your membership contract to see if there is a procedure for partial or full refunds in the event of gym closures. If that is not mentioned in the contract, call the gym directly and ask.
  • Monitor communications. Keep an eye on communications sent by the gym via email, website or social media posts. These communications may answer questions you have about the efforts your gym is taking to keep equipment clean and new procedures for staff and members once the gym is open.
  • Utilize alternative options. See if you have at-home options provided by your gym. They may offer exercise videos you can watch at home, or virtual consults with personal trainers.
  • Have patience. Your gym is working hard to allow members to return while keeping you and staff safe. As COVID-19 continues, procedures will have to adapt. Keep in mind that staff may not be able to provide exact answers while they wait for new information.

Where can our viewers go for more?

  • Visit us at to learn more about finding a gym and to view business profiles.

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