From prison to successful business owner

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MIDLAND, Texas (FOX 24) – From federal prison to successful business owner, a Basin man shares how he was able to dramatically transform his life.

You could say Chris Mendoza “detailed” a new journey.

Chris Mendoza, Splash of Class Owner

“My dad was an alcoholic, he would be out on the weekends, every weekend drinking. We’d go to the bars with him,” said Mendoza. “We had no running water and lived off welfare all of our lives.”

The local man now owns two vehicle detail businesses including a Splash of Class in Midland.

Chris Mendoza, Midland Resident

“I started doing drugs when I was in the 7th grade. I used to steal two dollars from my mom’s purse in the morning, so I could buy a joint in school. Those cool guys are the ones who are going to end up dead, in prison or drug addicts which most of them are,” said Mendoza.

Selling drugs landed Mendoza behind bars for more than five years.

“Once you get in that hole, it’s hard to get out of that hole,” said Mendoza.

“For him to come out of prison and do what he did is an amazing accomplishment,” said Matt Boykin, Mendoza’s customer.

Matt Boykin, Mendoza’s Customer

An amazing accomplishment that customer, Matt Boykin, believes Mendoza should share.

“When they come out of prison, they’re not stuck. They may have a record but they still have a future,” said Boykin.

Employee Jaime Villalobos agrees.

“From somebody coming from the bottom to the top, back to the top, it’s a great achievement,” said Villalobos.

Mendoza’s three daughters

“I had a turning point in life,” said Mendoza. “I found God.”

His faith and his three daughters continue to keep him on the straight and narrow.

“Go back to prison and be nobody, or stay out here and be positive, and do something with your life,” said Mendoza. “If I can do it, anybody can do it.”

Mendoza also goes above and beyond for his employees, always trying to cultivate an even better work environment.

For example, he lets his employee Jaime bring his dog, “Chubs,” to work.

Chubs is a hit with the employees as well as customers.

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