Fighting for justice for twins killed by accused drunk driver

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ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24 News) – Tomorrow marks two years since twin girls were killed by an alleged drunk driver. As you can imagine, it’s an emotional time for their family.

Raul Coy has a constant reminder of his daughters on his arm. He got a special tattoo of them a few months after they died.

Mia and Mya Coy were just 6-years-old when their lives were cut short.

“There’s anger, there’s sadness, just missing them,” said Agueda Coy, Mia and Mya’s mother.

Police say the woman responsible, an accused drunk driver named Angelica Garcia.

“It’s been a long time, we’ve been waiting patiently,” said Raul Coy. “The pain is always there. It’s just a hole that we have that can never be filled.”

The parents want her to be held accountable and we also asked about forgiveness.

“Maybe one day, but no not right now,” said Agueda Coy.

Angelica Garcia, Suspect

A memorial now sits where the tragic incident took place off Business 20 near Club Drive in Odessa. Police say Garcia ran through a barricade and struck the girls who were playing near a fireworks stand.

The Coy’s showed us video of some red cardinals that they say has given the family some peace.

“Every morning I’m back there and I hear them singing,” said Raul Coy.

They say they believe it’s a sign of their loved ones and before their daughter’s deaths the birds were never there in their backyard.

“I don’t care what I’m doing, they stop and they just go off and start singing. They always stop right there at the fence and I’m just watching them,” said Raul Coy.

“We don’t want them to be forgotten,” said Agueda Coy.

They say they’ll keep working to keep their memories alive and fight for justice for their daughters.

The Coy’s say they’ve been told Garcia is due in court later this year and that her court dates have been pushed back because of Covid-19.

Tomorrow the family will be paying tribute to their daughters at the location where they were killed. The event is open to the public. They will be out there rain or shine.

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