ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – There have been 6 threats made by students in 7 days at ECISD schools.

ECISD superintendent Dr. Scott Muri has said in past interviews that he believes the pandemic is the driving force behind the violent behavior, and on Wednesday he expanded on that theory.

“Isolation has exposed them to other ways of solving their problems. Perhaps they spent a lot of time playing violent internet games or they experienced some threatening behaviors on social media. They’ve learned some behaviors by watching television or movies that are not age appropriate,” said Dr. Muri.

The ECISD superintendent also says local educators believe communication is key when it comes to getting students to process complex emotions without resorting to threats, which is what local educator are focusing on. Dr. Muri hopes local parents are doing the same.

“Our principals and teachers over the last week have spent an inordinate amount of time reminding our children about appropriate behavior and using appropriate words on campus. We’ve communicated with all of our families to do the same thing and I continue to encourage our parents to engage in conversations,” said Dr. Muri.

Dr. Muri also says the district will continue to address the issue of threats made by students until they stop, and a big part of that will be continued investments in the district’s mental health resources and support systems.