Development near 87th & Evans keeps booming

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ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2) – Despite a slowdown in the oil industry, Odessa keeps developing.

Among the various spots booming, one of the faster-developing areas is near 87th and Evans in North Odessa.

“It has been dramatic the last year, year and a half,” says Ulises Camacho, owner of Tio Gordo’s Texican Cafe off 87th. “Housing, businesses, a lot more traffic.”

Homes, apartments, and shops have continued to be built the last few years, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. 

“We have a new strip center proposed in the area, says City of Odessa Development Director Randy Brinlee. “It will have both retail and dining establishments, that’s in the initial stages.”

The center will break ground in the next two months and could be done with the next year. 

“We’ll have more people to feed, more customers to be able to service, so we like the area,” says Camacho.

“It makes the city look a little nicer,” says nearby resident Elias Carrasco. “More modern compared to what we’ve had in the past.”

The City of Odessa says to expect apartments and townhouses to be built near the shopping areas while single-family homes are spaced farther away. The city says to expect more of these buildings to be complete in the next three to five years.

“I have not seen a slow down in homes being built and apartments being applied for in this area,” says Brinlee.

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