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Odessa, TEXAS (Big 2/Fox 24) – Now more than ever, the world could use a little more kindness. 
For this week’s edition of Centers Solutions: COVID Edition,  Melanie Saiz and Kristi Edwards say being kind is good for you. 

 ” Being kind can promote pleasure, it just makes you overall feel, ‘ I did something good, they enjoyed it, it makes me feel good.’ It can also decrease anxiety, at a time when one of the number one health complaints or symptoms being reported right now is anxiety ,” says Centers Executive Director Kristi Edwards.

 Edwards tells us that being kind can boost your energy and happiness levels. It can also increase Oxytocin and Serotonin in the body, hormones that can help you feel good. The first step to be kind to others​is to be kind to yourself. Melanie Saiz says try not to criticize yourself, make sure to practice self-respect, and take care of your physical and mental health. 

” Give yourself a little time to yourself during the day to do something that brings you joy, and that’ll give you the energy and space so that you can go on and express that kindness to others,” says Centers Marketing and Development Director Melanie Saiz.

 Those who want to practice kindness toward others need to have a sense of compassion, being aware of how others feel, being moved by it, and doing your part to help. That can include doing community work- not just performing some tasks, but actually being in the moment and understanding how you’re helping people in your community. 

” Another way to practice kindness is to volunteer. We are a nonprofit. We are always looking for people to volunteer. But what most of our volunteers will tell us, is that they feel like they’ve done something worthwhile. So when you act in service to others, it can increase your happiness, and it in turn it can help you feel a sense of kindness, ” says Edwards.

Both Edwards and Saiz say being kind to others can create a ripple effect. Your good deeds can ripple out and cause other people to perform good deeds. Others being kind to you can ripple inward, and make you to want to help others. 

 ” We are in a world full of strife, this is a hard time. But each one of us, anyone watching this, you can start a ripple effect of change,but just committing to maybe 3 acts of kindness a day,” says Saiz.  

For more information about kindness and how it can help, listen to the the Centers podcast.

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